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Color with Intent on Zoom

Each Friday, 1730-1830 UK/1230-1330 ET/1130-1230 CT

Join a small group of labyrinth friends as we work with the energy of the labyrinth and color to set our intention for a particular topic of concern in our world (usually related to war in Ukraine or other disasters unfolding in our world).

You'll need a paper-printed labyrinth and color pens or pencils to take part. Email me at if you'd like a copy of the labyrinth template most of us use, or print one of your own ready to have at hand.

At the time of the call, click on the following Zoom link to join the call. If you prefer to link to this via the Zoom app, please use the meeting ID 867 5533 1274 and passcode 408651.

Our approach is to use pen or pencils to color all or part of a labyrinth and/or its surrounds as we feel led, while holding intention on a specific theme proposed by a member of the group. After taking time to settle with a guided grounding and centering practice, we use whatever works for us (prayer, thought, Reiki, asking the Universe, etc.) to work with the intention. This is shared on screen during a 15-20 minute meditation, as gentle music is also played. Each step will be gently introduced in the call.

The task is not about creating an artwork, walking the full path of the labyrinth with a pencil, or necessarily starting and ending at the labyrinth’s threshold or coming to its centre. Odd strokes may be added to any part of the labyrinth, large areas heavily coloured with strong emotional charge or great urgency, or nothing be coloured as each person feels led. I’ve found that my colouring usually extends outside the labyrinth, and sometimes is largely focussed there, as I’m moved to encourage an outward flow of its healing power.

Colours may chosen for their energetic properties or other aspects they represent (e.g. light blue signifying calmness, yellow representing hope), and no more than odd scribbles may end up on the paper, as a meditator feels led. In this activity, there are no rules about sticking to the path, simply working with the labyrinth’s energy.

Our small group came together a few weeks ago in response to the crisis in Ukraine, and has been meeting weekly. We appreciate the immense value of praying, sending healing thoughts, or emitting energy, with a laser-sharp intention. If our intentions are sufficiently focussed and appropriate, we believe that even an individual or a very small group who jointly pray or send intention can change hearts and minds. This is an application of The Law of Attraction principle–but where the focus is on what attracts for others, rather than for ourselves.

The impact of small group intention has been convincingly established through extensive research, much of which is summarised in Lynne McTaggart’s landmark book, The Power of Eight. Lynne is foremost in promoting the value of shared intention. She offers a brief, simple guide to her suggested approach in this YouTube video: The Big Connection, Global Healing Response, and Legacy Labyrinth Project also embrace this concept, drawing on research into the power of heart-brain coherence.

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