Lectio on-line

Weekly chanting and community sharing.

Labyrinth, Taizé & Bhajan

Join us each TUESDAY at 3pm UK/10am EDT to walk a finger labyrinth and chant together. Music is played on-screen, with words displayed, as we chant or simply breathe in the beautiful ministry of Taizé and Bhajan chants. Our time together concludes with an opportunity for checking in and sharing (we agree to respect each other's confidentiality when taking part in this time of safe sharing). Click here just before the time of the call to join.

Generally, we use the following format for our Labyrinth & Taizé time together:

First 5 minutes – Gathering, arriving, usually with simple suggested guidance,
Next 5-10 minutes – Labyrinth in-walk, accompanied by first chant (words are displayed on screen),
Next 5 minutes – Time of quiet, resting at the labyrinth's centre,
Next 5-10 minutes – Labyrinth out-walk, accompanied by second chant, followed by a guided prayer,
Next 15-30 minutes – Opportunity for those who can stay to check-in and share community.

Recorded chants are played as we optionally walk our finger labyrinths (or use our fingers or eyes to trace one shown on the screen), with the ending of each of the stages mentioned above marked by a bell chime. We suggest muting your microphone and ideally also switching off your cameras during the chanting, to help avoid distortion and possible Internet streaming problems.

Taizé is a small Christian community in France, whose many beautiful chants have become well known the world over. Recently, following consultation with the group, we've extended our chanting to include Bhajans and inspiring chants from other traditions, including Celtic, Native American, Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist devotionals.