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Many people have discovered new opportunities for sharing and learning online via the Zoom platform. As someone who has been working with Zoom for several years now to host regular events and build communities, not to mention also regularly technically hosting for others and being on the receiving end in others' events, I've gained good awareness of what works, and what doesn't, online. I'm now happy to share this knowledge through a self-guided, online training course, hosted on the Teachable platform. Nearly two months in the making, this course can be worked through at your own pace, and is fully supported by a wealth of templates, checklists, and course notes.

Comprising a series of videos, demonstrations of Zoom experiences on a variety of devices, checklists, and supporting notes, the course explores not only how to configure the software, work the switches, and manage what's happening on a call, but crucially explore both the research and the practice about how people behave online, and how best to engage with your audience.

Topics covered include:
- How Zoom looks on different devices
- What's different about hosting online rather than in physical space
- How to work with the many quirks of online behavior
- How to foster a positive user experience
- How to derisk the chance of 'Zoom bombers' spoiling your event
- How to host alone, or work with others
- How to rehearse using simulated participants
- How to cope with the unexpected.

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Please CLICK HERE to watch a video introducing the training and find out more, as well as to register if you'd like to sign-up!

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