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Where's Wallinger? – An adventure Underground and Overground

Saturday 22 April 2023, 1030-1530, Central London (Guided)
FREE to attend, excepting any refreshments you may want to buy and a need for a central London Travelcard or other travel pass

Join friends for a unique labyrinth event in central London to mark the 10 years since Mark Wallinger’s wall labyrinths first appeared across the London Underground. A largely underground labyrinthine walk from a start to a centre, connecting 10 stations and their labyrinths both above and below ground, whilst hearing stories about places and their pasts, stations and their secrets, and the lure of labyrinths of different types along our path.

Expect to pass many strangers on the path, to be open to the different energies of place, to meditate on the experience of walking and riding underground while being held on a path marked out as sacred space, and to appreciate stillness amid the rush of a busy city.

A number of surface level labyrinth stops are planned, assuming good weather, and an optional extension after the walk for those who want to retire to a Covent Garden pub to reflect on our day’s adventure.

The walk is free to join, although a central zone travelcard will be needed, and you may wish to plan for a couple of refreshment and a lunch stop purchases (we will be surfacing for air regularly, to avoid becoming too mole-like underground!). Considerable walking, including stairs, is involved. We plan a 1030am start and approximately 1530 end time, excluding the end of walk pub stop, but including lunch and refreshment stops.

We'll also on this day be "consecrating the capital" (or at least a large part of central London)! Indeed, you might notice that our meandering route traces the path of a person praying, and nurturing their heart! I will be marking a circle around our path with a lovingkindness prayer ahead of our walking, and whether or not you are walking, you may like to join me in holding others as we do so.

If you’d like to join, please drop an email to Peter or Clive at peterclark47@googlemail.com or cliverj@mac.com. We look forward to seeing you!

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