A Prayer for Peace

"Focused prayer and
intention setting for peace in Ukraine and our world."

A Prayer for Peace – Daily Guided Prayer and Intention Focus for Peace in Ukraine and our world

A Prayer for Peace is a daily, guided live prayer, energy sending or intention setting offered on the Insight Timer app. Each day at 8am EDT, except at weekends, I livestream a 5-10 minute guided prayer and intention (vizualisation) focused on a specific concern relating to the unfolding conflict in Ukraine. The prayer is also hosted on my Facebook Page.

The prayer embraces the intention of metta and lovingkindness, and is framed in a way that should be suitable for people of any faith tradition or none. The space seeks to allow loving energy to flow to those who we hold in our hearts with a collective intention.

Insight Timer is a popular app, available to download for free for both Android and iOS platforms via the Google Play or iTunes stores.

Once installed, to join the prayer, simply click on the app to search what is livestreaming at the time of the prayer. "We are One" should be easy to find. While I will appear on screen and will guide the meditation, you won't be seen or heard, but can share comments in the chat dialog that stays live throughout the call. I hope that you'll join me and other precious souls to send our love where it is so desperately needed right now.

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