Seven Days Challenge

"Seven days of marveling
at the beauty of
our Mother Earth."

COMING SOON – Seven Days

Seven Days is not quite a Challenge, although having a similar format. Each day, over seven days, a brief video introduces one or more of Gaia’s “big players”–animal, vegetable, mineral and more–that collectively add up to the beautiful play of life of which we’re all a part. With suggestions for reflection, along with a mix of colourful images, the videos aim to inspire appreciation of and marvelling at our planet’s variety and beauty.

Over each of the seven days, I will host drop-in live meditations at set times via Zoom, in which you’re invited to join me for as long as you wish to continue our reflections, accompanied by calming music, sounds and images.

Sharing of thoughts, poems, images or whatever inspires you will be encouraged both alongside the YouTube videos, and in the Love Gaia Facebook group.

The idea of Seven Days borrows from the biblical description of Creation. However, this isn’t a Challenge that attaches to any faith tradition, and it isn’t one that assumes a belief in God or any greater power. These categories are merely used as a way of focussing attention on different aspects of Gaia’s beauty.

The Challenge is planned to start in late 2020. Dates aren't yet confirmed. Please bookmark this page and check back soon to keep up to date when registration opens.

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