One Tribe Challenge

"Respecting difference,
avoiding divisions."

The One Tribe Challenge

The One Tribe Challenge is a 15-day challenge that first ran during late 2019. I launched this after watching a sorrowful debate between politicians in the UK House of Commons, in which the risk for losing respect for the different viewpoints that now starkly mark out allegiances in many parts of the world seemed all too real. ‘One Tribe’ is about respecting difference, while not encouraging the uglier consequences of tribalism that can set members of a society at odds, if not kept in check.

Using short, prompting videos and an invitation to undertake daily challenges and share in a private Facebook group, the Challenge focussed on how we might each keep ourselves in check, to not draw battle lines with our fellow citizens that we might not agree with (excepting those that encourage hate and division).

I introduce the Challenge in this brief video:

While the Challenge ran live, the videos are still available and the Facebook group still active. While others may not now be taking the Challenge at the same time, you can still enjoy working through at your own pace, and sharing in the Facebook group–where others may well see you posts and be happy to respond!

Email me at, or message me in Facebook at for links to the videos and an invitation to join the Facebook group.

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