There are many ways to become involved with this project, not least, taking part in a walk. If you do come to a walk, please talk to me, email me at clive.johnson@labyrintharoundamerica.net, or post / send a message on our Facebook page to let me know about your experience. I'd love to hear from you! (Please note that Facebook posts are subject to checking before being put live, so may not appear online immediately).

    Other ways to play a part include:

    Helping to find or host a venue for a walk. This may be as simple as making suggestions about who I might try to contact ahead of a visit to a particular area, or being able to offer or liaise with someone who is able to provide a space where a walk may take place. Venues may include private spaces, such as hospitals, schools, and homes, although my hope is to mix these with as many publicly available accessible venues as possible. I am also happy to consider stepping off the circular path to bring the labyrinth to events or organisations anywhere within the mainland US, but in such cases would need my travel costs to be covered to/from the ‘stepping off’ point, and would welcome a donation toward the costs of the project (although I do not charge for my time).

    Help set up and pack away the labyrinth before and after each walk. If you would like to help in this way, then simply arrive at the venue around 20 minutes before the event is planned to start (for setting up), and/or be ready to take 10 minutes or so after walkers finish to help with packing away.

    Help promote the project or individual walks via your blogs, social media, club notice boards, or any other means available to you. Links to this website and my blog and Facebook page are very welcome.

    Help host a walk. If you are a Veriditas trained facilitator and would like to host one or more walks along the journey, please let me know. I'm hoping that many labyrinth enthusiasts might get involved in helping folks discover the wonder of labyrinth walking.

    Donate toward the cost of the project. I (Clive) am funding my own costs for this journey, and do not charge for my time (and as a non US resident, am not allowed to). However the cost for venue hire, handout printing, and the labyrinth itself are ones that I hope will be shared with others. My intention is that the labyrinth will become public property, and will move from venue to venue on request. This will be when I have finished the circular tour, and so transportation, storage, and venue costs will then become shared. Funds raised through donations will help to support this ongoing journey. To make a donation, however small, please visit my ‘go-fund-me’ page. Note: this is set up to receive donations in British £, as I am a UK resident and this is what the system requires of me! The average current $ to £ conversion rate is close to £1=$1.25, or $1=£0.80 – so, if you think in dollars and wanted to make a $5 donation, offering £4 would be very close. A collection box will also be available at walks, to which any donations can be made discretely.

    Pray for or "hold" the project in your thoughts and heart. If you follow a faith tradition, or believe that God / The Divine / The Universe "provides" or responds to the wishes of our hearts, please pray for the project to reach the places and people that it needs to, is sustained and evolves through its journey, and that the people who walk the labyrinth are touched and moved in ways that are appropriate for them. Thank you – I believe that your "holding" is of vital importance for the project to achieve what it is meant to, and for me and the many other helpers and supporters who help make the initiative happen to be inspired and supported in ways that we can best serve and play our part in the labyrinth's journey. Even if you don't have a faith, please join in sending us good wishes as we journey your way and beyond!

    Suggest newspapers, radio and TV stations, online news sites, podcast hosts, and other media organizations along the route, that I might approach to let them know about the project.

    Help with follow-up. If you're already familiar with the labyrinth, host or know of places where new folks can be welcomed to a labyrinth walk after the travelling labyrinth leaves town, please let me know, or become involved in welcoming and pointing newcomers in the right direction.

    Suggest any other initiatives (such as project empathy) that aim to help encourage a sense of understanding or uniting with ‘other’, which might be useful to mention to people who want to become more involved in building good relationships in their community.

    Suggest any other books or resources that aren't listed on the resources page, that might be helpful for individuals who want to find out more about labyrinths or labyrinth walking.

    If you have any other suggestions about how you may like to become involved in the project, or have any questions relating to any aspect of it, please do get in touch with me via email at clive.johnson@labyrintharoundamerica.net, or send a direct message via my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/labyrintharoundamerica/. Thank you, and I hope to meet you at some point along the labyrinth’s long journey.

    The project is kindly supported by The Labyrinth Society with a grant and as one of its special projects.


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