Fairy Stories Meanings

Discovering the lessons
that fairy tales hold for us as adults.

"Journey into the forest as we hear these stories afresh, and uncover the many levels of rich wisdom and uplifting charm that they contain. Let the magic begin!"

Fairy Stories: Magic, Truths & Teachings

Fairy Stories: Their Magic, Truths and Teachings Promotional Video

Many of us grow up being enthralled by fairy stories, if not sometimes as children, rushing to hide under the bedsheets when a wicked stepmother or ghastly witch stood poised to harm the unknowing heroine or hero of a story!

Fairy stories have endured over many millennia and in many cultures, even thriving in the modern age, when video games and TV programs are available aplenty as entertainment for young minds. There is more to their enduring appeal than just being good stories.

In this fascinating course, we'll open the lid on many of the hidden secrets in the fairy tales that we’re most familiar with. We'll explore what the true intentions of these stories is, and come to appreciate why they speak so powerfully to us. We'll learn that there is as much for us as adults to take from these stories, as there is for children, including many powerful spiritual teachings.

Combining magic, metaphors, and mystery, we'll be reintroduced to a rogues’ gallery of witches, magicians and wolves, while meeting many delightful children who go wandering in woods and encountering enchanting castles. Princes and princesses abound, but so too do rags-to-riches paupers and more humble mortals.

In a series of gentle videos that can be watched at your own pace, we'll hear versions of 10 popular tales, and diagnose what we might take from them. While no onerous homework is involved, you may like to consider one or more reflective questions that are included with each story.

The course is hosted by Clive Johnson, a lifelong lover of stories and storytelling, and author of several books that bring familiar tales alive for adults anew, including Fairy Stories & Fairy Stories, Arabian Nights & Arabian Nights, and Tales of Old. Clive regularly participates in events hosted by The School of Storytelling, and has a special interest in discerning the spiritual and mystical teachings in tales that have survived in various forms over the centuries.


To register for the course, please visit the Course Registration page here. The course costs £24.99. Payment may be made by PayPal or bank card in many currencies.

Journey into the forest as we hear these stories afresh, and uncover the many levels of rich wisdom and uplifting charm that they contain. Let the magic begin!

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