Spiritual not Religious

Inspiration, discovery and
connection are
for everyone!


Walking a labyrinth
offers a safe and
welcome space for reflection.


Recognising that we
all come from many
different walks of life.

Live events at Highlands Methodist Church, Leigh-on-Sea

Exploring Spirituality is a brand new initiative inspired by the idea of exploring what spirituality is about and how we may discover and develop our own sense of connection, taking the teachings of some of the main faith traditions, poems and inspirational writing to reflect upon, but not restricted to any one of these, or to any fixed belief. We'll look at some of the "big" topics we all question in life, such as ideas about death, the soul and love, without presenting the answer as seen by any one worldview. The idea is that we find our own way through our own inquiry and understanding – either to help inform and be useful to us on our own growth on a particular faith path that we follow, or to help find our own way and just open the lid on what spirituality is about for those who are curious and very much see themselves as being "spiritual but not religious."

We've a number of events running at Highlands Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea over the coming months. All are free and meant for anyone who has an open mind and curiosity. Find out more about what's on below. These are hosted by Leigh-based interfaith minister Clive Johnson. Find out more about Clive and interfaith by clicking here.

Upcoming Events

News Stories That Stir Us: What Can I Do?

When: Sunday 21 April 2024, 1330-1600
Where: Highlands Methodist Church, Leigh-on-Sea
What: An informal workshop exploring what we can do when hearing news that pulls at our heartstrings, including the big things where we may feel helpless to do anything. We'll look at how intention, intercession, thoughts, yearning and heartfelt compassion can all work together in actually making a difference in what we will for. We'll also consider how we might look at where we might focus when hearing news that troubles us, and especially for stories that may not making the headlines and those that don't report things as they actually are. A refreshment break will be included.
Booking: Not required! Just turn up a little before the workshop is due to start.

Understanding Interfaith

When: Saturday 27 April 2024, 1030-1630
Where: Highlands Methodist Church, Leigh-on-Sea
What: A workshop exploring the main beliefs of different faith traditions and how people of different faiths and none may find value in understanding what each other believe–which often is not quite as different as might be thought! The workshop will include reflections, video descriptions by followers of different faiths and simple exercises and chats to support the various themes we cover. Supporting notes will be provided.

There will be breaks for lunch and refreshments, but please note that lunch isn't provided. There are some excellent bakeries, coffee shops and shops very nearby selling sandwiches and the like, or bring your own!

So we have a rough idea of numbers to print notes for, please let Clive know if you'd like to attend this workshop, by email at clive@clivejohnsonministry.com or by calling 07956 942980.

Labyrinth Walk for World Labyrinth Day

When: Saturday 4 May 2024, 1245-1345
Where: Highlands Methodist Church, Leigh-on-Sea
What: An opportunity to walk a canvas Chartres-style labyrinth and learn a little bit about this beautiful meditative practice. The walk coincides with World Labyrinth Day, when thousands of people all over the world walk labyrinths at 1 pm in their time zone while holding an intention for world peace. A brief introduction and suggestions on how you might want to approach your walk will be offered, but feel free to leave at any time after your walk! Perhaps make this your first labyrinth walk!
Booking: Not required! Just turn up a little before the event is due to start.
Find out more about World Labyrinth Day at https://www.worldlabyrinthday.org/.

We're hoping to run more events soon, including weekly get togethers exploring contemplative practices such as lectio divina and chanting. Bookmark this page to keep up to date!

All events are free of charge, although any donations toward church running costs are always welcome!

Check out the Highlands Methodist Church website to find out what else is going on.

Getting To The Church: The church is located at Sutherland Boulevard, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 3PT, close to the junction with the London Road (A13) and Thames Drive. There are two small car parks and free on-street parking close by. Buses run regularly along the London Road to various destinations. The Thames Drive bus stop is approximately 100 yards from the church. Leigh-on-Sea is the nearest rail station, served by c2c from London Fenchurch Street. The station is about 1 mile away (involving an up hill walk in the direction of the church, or a 5 minute cab ride). A bus, #26 (Monday-Friday) or #21 (Sunday), operated by First Bus, runs an infrequent service between the station and Thames Drive (London Road/Thames Drive stop).

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Please email Clive at clive@clivejohnsonministry.com if you've questions about anything relating to what's on that isn't answered here!

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