The Energy Hour

Weekly held space and prayer.

The Energy Hour

Every THURSDAY 2200-0000 UK/1700-1900 EDT on Insight Timer.

Click here to find the equivalent times in your own time zone: Join in your at Internet browser at the time of the call or in the Insight Timer app.

Join me each week for a silent, 1-hour weekly online time of held space to hold out for whatever is on your mind. This time for meditation, reflection, holding open or prayer is held every THURSDAY between 10pm and 12 midnight UK/5 and 7pm EDT. Please join the livestream on the Insight Timer app at any time for as long as you wish and as many times as you wish to reflect, pray, meditate or simply bathe in the beautiful ministry of the shared will of others, wishing hope for our world or for whatever is on your heart.

The period is silent. I, and at any time, potentially others, plan to be meditating, receiving, and holding space during this time. Hence, you’ll know that you’re not alone when you join. My own focus is set aside for silent holding of requests for prayer and holding made to The Labyrinth Society's Energy Keepers group, alongside any specific requests for prayer or energy holding that I've received. If you are a member of this group, you may want to join me at this time to offer this shared intention. However, you're very welcome to join at this time to hold out whatever is on your heart. Feel free too to email me any prayer requests that you may have, or share these in Facebook chat during the call.

The time is intended for people of any faith tradition or none, for those who pray to the God of their understanding, and for those who simply hold out to the possibility of our collective goodwill being able to make a difference.

Through prayer, positive intent, or heart-felt willing, we may enable real change to happen if we have sufficient intention. This is my hope and prayer. I hope that you will join me in sharing this great vision for a brighter future.

Energy Keepers

If you are a member of The Labyrinth Society Energy Keepers circle, I especially welcome you to join me for the first half hour of the call (2200-2230 BST / 1700-1730 EDT) to hold in light the individuals, families, places and situations that we've been invited to hold in our hearts via the requests sent to us by email. Some require healing, others are facing difficult circumstances, or are afraid, grieving, or alone. There is no limit to what may be requested.

The call is unguided, but you will be aware that you're not alone in holding the same intention with others. Find out more about the Energy Keepers at It's not necessary to be a member of The Labyrinth Society to join this group.