Companionable Awakening

Discovering a new shared story
for ourselves and a transforming world. Reconnecting with our true nature and common, global consciousness.

"We spend much of our lives asleep - now we’re being asked to wake up to what is real and not what’s perceived, to recognise what is Divine."

Companionable Awakening

We have entered a time where it is evident there are limits to our rationality and our belief that we can control Nature. Our communal work together seeks to foster a deeper sense of a global spiritual consciousness to guide us as we move forward as we enter a new era of our common lives together. As Parker Palmer notes, we are embarking on a journey to appreciate a new relationship with our place in the cosmic spiritual order, as we uncover our “hidden wholeness”.

To help navigate this period of great change, join me and co-host Frank Faine for Companionable Awakening, a gathering of souls to discover our inner stories, shared stories and the global story, as we awaken to a new-found consciousness of shared responsibility and purpose.

Initially to be launched by a half-day workshop (expected to run online in early September 2020), our intention is to then create a safehaven and supportive community of gentle souls who desire to make sense of how to be in this transforming world through regular interaction and guidance. Supported by inspiring guides for navigating the ‘new normal’, evolving a new ecology of mind, and reconnecting with our true nature and common, global spiritual consciousness.

This exploration is for people who want to discover how to give service in the world at a time of great opportunity for true transformation in humanity’s course with Nature and Spirit, and a re-imagining of our relations with each other.

Our invitation is to meet and join with fellow explorers, offering both individual and communal resources to support us. This is an opportunity to be with people who are in a similar place, facing similar questions and uncertainties.

We aim to provide spiritual hospitality for exploration in community, to inquire into our communal spirituality, how we are in the world, where we want to be, how to expand our conscious awareness and ground ourselves. The community is a place for contemplation, trying out, receiving support, spiritual practice and ritual. It is a place for tasting the water that you’ve never drunk.

Our hope is to discover and explore new spiritual maps in a shared space. Together we will look at themes and resources to embrace our individual and communal stories, while we cultivate an awareness that there may be other stories yet to be unearthed. We offer frames of reference to help make sense of what’s happening in one’s life.

We spend much of our lives asleep - now we’re being asked to wake up to what is real and not what’s perceived, to recognise what is Divine.

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