"For women who want
a representative of men
to hear and receive
their stories, anger and pain."


Men owe a huge debt to women, and have a very long history to take stock of and ask forgiveness for. Inequality, oppression, abuse and more are still too prevalent in our patriarchally-grown society. Many women feel this in specific relationships, as well as in work and society in general. It is a pain that needs to be heard, felt, and embraced with love.

To the extent that I’m able, I offer myself to take part in one-to-one sessions with women who want a representative of men to hear and receive their stories, anger and pain. This offering is inspired by the Buddhist practice of tonglen, a discipline of taking in the suffering of another, allowing this to be transformed within them, and then breathing out love. This may be carried out in person or on line.

While I may not personally be guilty of much of the target of anger that many women may have, I do inhabit a male body, and so recognise that I can offer myself as a focus for receiving their hurt–a representative or substitute for men as a whole, as it were. In a session, I will invite sharing, including possible shouting out, of what has caused harm. My role will be to listen, encourage an opening up, take on and process this hurt, then offer words of apology and breathe an intention for forgiveness and restoration of wellbeing and integrity. The session will then move to an opportunity for calm reflection, and meditation, centring on bringing peace. This may not resolve all of the pain that many might hope for, but it should provide some opportunity for release and a sense of being heard.

This is a new ministry for me, and not an easy one. For my own safety, I’m not able to take physical expressions of anger, such as punches and slaps, even if this might optionally be simulated during the session for those who need to express themselves in this way, with air or cushion punches. There are also limits to what I can offer (e.g. I am not a specialist counsellor, although this may be needed as follow up for what arises). My fee for this service is £75 per hour (+ travel expenses, if relevant). A 1 hour session should usually be sufficient, although further spiritual counselling may be offered if this is felt useful. Please call me on +44 (0)7956 942980 or email me at info@clivejohnsonministry.com if you feel that this service may be of interest to you.

Clive Johnson
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